• Hey. Hold it. I wrote a new poem, “Walked around the old neighbourhood”. Read it here in Cordite’s issue on Suburbia.
  • My new book of poems, Happinesswise will be published by ECW Press in Spring 2018.
  • Here’s a poem I did for Paul Vermeersch’s project Sunrise with Sea Monsters.
  • Here’s a poem, “Manual”, done for the cool “The Litter I See” project.
  • Jonathan’s poem Palliative Care Reflective Portfolio appeared in Best Canadian Poetry in English 2015.
  • Jonathan’s working on poems. And a story or two.

Upcoming Events

April, 12, 2018, 5pm – 7pm launch party for Happinesswise, Hunter Street Books, Peterborough. All welcome.

June 5, 2018, 7pm Art Bar Reading Series, Toronto